Olympic Monobob

Of the seven new Olympic events in the Winter Games this year, Monobob is undoubtedly the most exciting. Just look at this thing; it looks like a ’90s IndyCar without wheels!

Similar to bobsleigh, Monobob is an individual event. Athletes must handle the heavy-duty push start, driving through the twisty track, and braking at the end of the run…by themselves!

The sled weighs 160 kg (over 350 lbs.) and only women will compete in Monobob at the 2022 Olympic games. The goal is to provide female competitors an equal number of events to earn medals in as their male counterparts.

Until now, female athletes could only compete in the two-woman bobsleigh, while male competitors have the two-man bobsleigh and the four-man bobsleigh. In fact, despite bobsleigh being in the Olympics since 1932, it wasn’t until the 2002 Olympic Games at Salt Lake City that women even began competing in bobsleigh.

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