One glance at any open wheel race and you’ll see black cars and silver cars. Just as boring as the commuter cars on the 401. But spend some time on iRacing, and the difference between real and virtual cars is obvious; colour and design

The iRacing platform allows sim racers to select their own classic F1 design, and apply it to their favourite NASCAR. But for creative types, iRacing allows users to design and apply their own customized livery. There are some ‘corporate colour schemes’ that look like the real thing.

But without a doubt, the best livery on iRacing is the ‘Jazz Cup’. An iconic, nostalgic design, nothing says retro 90s quite like the Jazz design.

The ‘Jazz Cup’ design was created in 1989 by Gina Ekiss of the Sweetheart Cup Company. Part of a company-wide contest, her design was chosen by company executives to appear on cups and paper plates. Jazz was the top-selling line in Sweetheart Cup Company history, and although Kiss received no bonus for her design, in the decades since, her work has spawned a devoted, slightly ironic, internet fanbase.

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