June 30, 2022

Back to Cayuga

On Wednesday June 8 2022, Demaras Racing will return to Toronto Motorsports Park for a test day with Vallis Motor Sport. The Cayuga, Ontario, road course is one of Daniel Demaras’ favourites, having previously driven both a Ferrari F430 and an F2000 car at the track while he was still racing karts.

TMP is also the first place Daniel ever got to drive an F1200 car, during private tests with VMS in October and November 2021, after wrapping up the 2021 TRAK Championship. It’s a special track for him.

Testing starts at 5:00 pm and runs until sunset at 9:00 pm. Anyone in the area is invited to drop by Toronto Motorsports Park on Wednesday. Just look for the Vallis hauler.

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