Ford, Chrysler, Renault, Mercedes-Benz … so many car companies are simply named after the founder. Below are some of the more creative company names that are deeper than just the name of the guy who started the business.

Originally known as “Fuji Heavy Industries,” Subaru was named after a star constellation (as shown in the logo) known as the Pleiades – called Subaru in Japanese – which means “to unite”. The company founder wanted his cars to have a notably Japanese sounding name.

Named after the Zoroastrian god of light Ahura Mazda, this car features a logo containing wings that form the letter “M.” These wings are supposed to represent creativity, vitality, kindness, and resilience.

In the early 30’s, only 1 in 50 Germans had a car when VW was formed in 1937 under the Nazi government. The company’s name, which translates to “The People’s Car Company,” was a reflection of the then-government’s push for German nationalism.

Founded in 1909, the name “Audi” is simply a Latin translation of the founder’s name: August Horch. It also means “Listen” in German.

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