Saturday at Calabogie was a full schedule, with practice, qualifying and race #1. The extensive divisions included V8 Thunder Cars, Radicals, F1600s and a broad spectrum of GT cars. There was no shortage of Miatas!

The highlight of the day is, of course, the open-wheel cars of Formula Libre, including Formula Fords, F4s and the always exciting F1200s which Daniel Demaras races in. Qualifying was effectively cancelled when a yellow flag on the out-lap was followed by the red flag. After 10+ minutes of track clean-up, while drivers sat in their cars on pit lane, the session was scrapped.

In an incident-filled race, Demaras brought the No. 12 MagiSeal / Scarboro Subaru / K1 Speed Formula 1200 car back to the paddock intact, unscathed, and on the podium. VMS’s Yves was proud to be part of his young proteges accomplishment.

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