With a day of practice completed, Daniel Demaras arrived at CTMP on Saturday morning, ready to race the No. 12 MagiSeal F1200 car.

The day got off to a false start, though. With all the open-wheel cars lined up on the mock grid, a vintage GT car dumped oil on the track during it’s morning practice session. Tensions rose as the delay dragged on.

The event didn’t go any smoother during qualifying. Only 4 laps into the session, Demaras was picking up speed, having set a 1:45.942 lap. Sadly, a vintage Formula 4 car lost control and contacted the concrete wall at Turn 9, destroying the side of the car. The safety team had to use the ‘jaws of life’ to cut open the car and extract the driver, who was sent to hospital for observation.

Race 1, and Demaras started from P3 and ran with the leaders for the opening laps. While being lapped by quicker formula cars, Daniel lost the draft from the lead pack of F1200s (and the draft is critical in this racing discipline) and had to settle for P4

Onboard video of the opening race shows a reasonably exciting start to the race, although it got lonely at the end. Back to the track on Sunday for two more races to close out the 2022 BEMC Late Summer Trophy Race.

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