A year ago, Daniel Demaras had open-wheel racing dreams. He was fortunate enough to have driven an F2000 at TMP but had never actually raced cars before.

Last October, Demaras backed up his 2020 TRAK Championship by winning the 2021 TRAK Championship…with one race remaining in the season. He made the decision to step up to open-wheel racing, and attended the 2021 Celebration of Motorsports to check out the F1200 competition.

Looking at the pictures from that day, the group of strangers Daniel met have actually become friends. Of course, there’s Phil ‘The Champ‘ Wang, who put Daniel and Chris on his pit crew to get past the gate. Also, there’s Bob, driving the yellow BRD, who is now a teammate at Vallis Motor Sport. Then, In the vintage Mini Cooper is Ted Michalos, CASC President who would later present Daniel with the 2022 Bob McCallum Scholarship.

As Demaras completes his first season racing cars, and is a lock for Canadian Formula 1200 Driver’s Association ‘Rookie of the Year’ award, one can’t help but look back to the start of the journey to racing glory. Daniel has gone from interested spectator to podium threat in only a year. The future ahead really looks bright.

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