The closest Daniel Demaras got to making it out on track at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park for the final practice day of the 2022 Canadian Formula 1200 Championship season was under the Vallis Motor Sport tent. Helmet on, belted in, Demaras engaged the clutch and… nothing. Serious transmission issue. Bill Davis tried to give Daniel a push-start, but quickly saw the hole in the gearbox case. Session over.

Under the category of ‘a picture speaks a thousand words‘ we have this shot of Daniel, after looking at the transmission of his F1200. The only positives were that the issue happened on a practice day, and in the paddock, not on track.

But good ol’ Paul Subject knew exactly how to cheer Daniel up. Since neither of them would be out on track (Paul was waiting for some silicone to dry on his car) he let Daniel stuff himself into the Paul Subject sized seat of his 1998 Formula Mazda.

So what happens next? There may be time to replace the transmission by morning, but the rear suspension is bolted to it as a stressed member. It may just be easier to bring inThe Phoenix of Max Havercate, a VMS teammate, absent from the roster this weekend. Demaras’ No. 12 MagiSeal car could easily be replaced by the all white No. 19 which is also a 1999 BRD FV1200 owned by Vallis Motor Sport.

The No. 19 was quick this season, and even finished P2 at the BEMC Spring Trophy Race. But since then, the race car had a rough couple of races, was re-built, and should be ready to race. But, that would mean that tomorrow morning, Daniel’s first laps in practice will also be the No. 19’s first shakedown laps.

The drama continues…

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