At the Goodwood Awards Banquet, we won a few items in the door raffle. Mostly holiday decor like ornaments, lit-up candy canes and a red Christmas truck. You know the one. A post-war, fat-fender pickup in primer-red.

Why is this vehicle as synonymous with Christmas as Rudolph, Frosty and Michael Bublé? Maybe it’s one of those Coca-Cola conspiracies, like how the soda-pop giant appropriated the image of Santa and dressed him in corporate colours! Not sure, but the iconic truck image is everywhere; on a gift bag from the boss, or a Pepperidge Farms holiday basket stuffed into the bed of a truck.

But just adding a wreath, garland and lights to a late-model GMC pickup doesn’t make it a Christmas truck. It has to be from the right era, and really, anything other than red-oxide is just the wrong colour.

The old truck creates feeling of nostalgia for the good old days (even if some of us weren’t alive then). A long past time when Frank Sinatra was a chart topper and folks still went out and chopped down their own Christmas tree, threw it in the back of the farm truck and brought it back to the homestead.

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