~ by Daniel Demaras ~

As a young motorsport enthusiast, car magazines have always been one of the best ways to explore my interest. As a kid I would flip through Road & Track and RACER magazine, looking at all the cool cars and occasionally reading the articles on all that was happening in the automotive world.

Every time the Demaras household receives an issue of Inside Track Magazine in the mail, I enjoy reading the articles about Canadian motorsport… but really, I read it hoping to see myself in the magazine.

The latest issue of Inside Track had a two-page article about my favourite racing driver, Will Power, and his triumph in the 2022 IndyCar Series. To my surprise, 2 pages later was a photo of my No. 12 race car and an article that mentioned my P2 result in the final race of the Canadian Formula 1200 Championship season.

I’ve written for several racing websites over the years; Canadian Karting News for two years, plus K1 Speed’s blog, even Brazilian website AUTOentusiastas published something I wrote this year. But this is the first time anything related to my career has been published in physical form. I felt so proud seeing a picture of my British racing green and neon yellow car in print, not to mention it’s just a couple pages after the Will Power article; I race the number 12 in his honour.

A big thank you to Inside Track Magazine for their quality reporting on all the local racing here in Canada. I may have to go to the magazine stand and buy a few copies, to show off my picture to everyone I can.

Here’s the article:

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