In Ontario, personalized plate applications are automatically filtered for profanity or slang swear words. It’s pretty simple. Many websites use the same technology to block dirty words from public comments. So how in the world did a guy in Hawaii get FCKBLM on his Firebird? And what kind of person puts F_CK ‘Black Lives Matter’ on their car?

It’s pathetic enough that the hateful Hawaiian drives the same car as that doofus Dwight Schrute from The Office but adding the TRUMP 2024 – BECAUSE FUCK YOU placard in the rear window really completes the image of intolerance this loser was aiming for.

The city of Honolulu says it “mistakenly” issued the plate to Edward Odquina, seen below protesting against an anti-Trump rally, even though rules prohibit letter and number combinations that are “publicly objectionable.”. The application was first flagged by a supervisor, who called Odquina on the phone and asked him what FCKBLM meant, and Odquina claimed it was an acronym for his business, so it was approved.

This patriotic Odquina didn’t actually have a business, so he quickly registered a non-profit organization called Fight Communism and Knucklehead Bitch Liberal Marxists.

Even though the license plate has been revoked, Odquina refuses to return it to state officials. He’s filed a lawsuit alleging that his First Amendment right to freedom of speech is bring trampled on.

4 thoughts on “Only in America

  1. Every time I tease my wife about buying an American muscle car, she tells me: “That is the car of choice for many lunatic Trump supporters”. Darn!!!!
    Am I the only liberal, car guy in North America?

  2. A few years ago I was saving money to buy a Harley-Davidson Sporster “Forty-Eight”. I love the bike, it was exactly what I wanted but after analyzing the behavior of many Harley owners, I thought to myself: “Hey, what about some other brand?”
    Anyway, life changed and I spent the money coming to Canada.

    1. The Forty Eight is a cool, old school looking bike. Like what The Fonz would ride.

      But when I think of Harleys, I think of those obnoxious straight pipes bothering everyone on the street.

      What you choose to drive says a lot about you. For example, driving a Corolla says ‘I hate driving but don’t want to ride the bus’


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