In subtropical Florida, the 24 Hours of Daytona is often impacted by rain. Not stopped or delayed; they race in the rain. Seeing rooster tails shooting out the back of the LMP cars as they speed through the high-banked corners makes many race fans ask ‘Why can’t NASCAR run in the rain?

Running a stock car (low downforce) on super speedways like Talladega or Daytona is a balancing act. The cars slide through the corners as the slick tires struggle for lateral grip while maintaining maximum velocity. The slightest hint of rain would sent the race cars crashing into the outside retaining walls. That’s what makes NASCAR’s announcement that they’ll race in the rain on ovals such a surprise.

NASCAR has introduced an oval rain package (similar to what they utilize on road courses) including windshield wipers, mud flaps behind the wheels, flashing rain lights on the back end of the car, plus of course Goodyear rain tires. In the interests of safety and sanity, NASCAR will only race short ovals (less than a mile) in the rain,

A negative Nancy might say that this development is just a business decision by NASCAR prevent rain delays from interfering with their revenue stream. But whatever the reason, keeping race cars on track can only be seen as a good thing.

2 thoughts on “Oval Racing in the Rain

    1. The new NASCAR is so much more modern. Sequential gearbox, centre-locking wheels, etc. But we’re still not fans.

      That phony-baloney Green-White-Checkers thing just isn’t right. And the way drivers can just ‘turn’ the leader to steal a win away. It’s terrible. In any other racing series, a racer would get DQed for spinning out the leader on the last lap.

      Or at least a driver would get slapped!

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