Tomorrow (Sunday February 26) is the last day of the 2023 Canadian International Auto Show. If any car fanatics haven’t been down to the show this year, make time to visit. Don’t listen to any negativity about some car manufacturers not showing up this year. There’s so much to see!

Right off the top, concept cars give a glimpse of the future. Hyundai brought it’s Visio 74 concept (which looks remarkably like an 1988 300 ZX) and GM steps its game up with the Buick Wildcat.

Jeep really impressed this year by taking advantage of the extra space by building on off-road course to demonstrate what the Wrangler can really do! Show-goers get to climb in the passenger seat for an off camber thrill ride. A new Ho-Viz yellow paint option keeps the Jeep lineup fresh, but there really is nothing better than a Red Rubicon.

The Subaru booth was a little heavy on the family cars and outdoorsy stuff. But the latest WRX and BRZ were on display for those who bleed blue; World Rally Blue! Subaru has also set up a VIP Lounge with strong black coffee and comfy white leather chairs. It’s the perfect pit-stop at the halfway point in the show.

For real motorsports enthusiasts, there’s plenty of race cars. Formula SAE cars from local universities, giant-winged sprint cars, plus sportscars like the current-gen Radical SR3 to the vintage long-tail Porsche 917.

Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame inductee Uli Bieri has brought several cars to the show, including a wonderful winged F2000 race car. Daniel Demaras had a chance to test one of these race cars at Toronto Motorsports Park back in 2021, but this time Chris Demaras slipped gracefully into the driver’s set. It fit like a glove!

Reaching the south building of the Metro Toronto Convention centre doesn’t mean the show is almost over. In fact, many of the highlights are found there in Auto Exotica. Ferrari, Lamborghini, and a No. 16 emblazoned Bugatti Chiron.

The 2023 Canadian International Auto Show is taking place now at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in both the North and South buildings, ]in the heart of downtown Toronto. She show is open until 10:00 pm on Saturday and 6:00 pm on Sunday.

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