Loyalty. Solidarity. That’s what makes Ferrari fans unique. It really doesn’t matter if the Formula 1 team does well or poorly; Tifosi bleed red. So, when Demaras Racing joined K1 Speed’s F1 Fantasy League, we went all-out on Ferrari drivers and Ferrari powered cars. Plus former Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso.

At Bahrain this weekend, Fernando stole the show. Starting the race in P5, he fell down the order, then made epic overtakes complete with his snarky radio comments broadcast for the world to hear, including a hilarious “Bye bye” when passing countryman Carlos Sainz in the Ferrari.

No. 16 Charles Leclerc in the Ferrari was running in the final podium position when his Ferrari engine cut out, starting his season with a DNF. Heartbreaking for the Ferrari faithful. Veteran racer Alonso took the opportunity to pass Hamilton and Sainz to take the spot vacated by Leclerc. A podium to start his Aston Martin F1 tenure is just what F1 fans hungered for.

Fernando’s points salvaged a terrible weekend for Scuderia Demaras in the F1 Fantasy League. With Leclerc somehow earnings negative points, Scuderia Demaras tallied only 101 points in the K1 Speed F1 Fantasy league.

Scuderia Demaras is currently in 505th place out of 554 competitors in the K1 Speed F1 Fantasy League, but we have faith in Ferrari for a big comeback in the next round.

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