Sometimes being a die-hard fan of the Ferrari Formula 1 team is painful. In this year’s K1 Speed F1 Fantasy League, we’ve selected only Ferrari drivers, former Ferrari drivers, or drivers powered by Ferrari.

With the complete dominance of the Red Bull team so far this season, we’re getting killed in the standings. Our own little team called Scuderia Demaras is now ranked 550th of the 606 teams entered in the competition.

Fernando’s strong qualifying and finishing position earned him plenty of points. The big points haul came from Charles who qualified well, got knocked back due to penalty, then made multiple overtakes on route to P5. The Ferrari team netted us 59 points too, for a total on the day of 168 points.

Tifosi have faith in the red team. We’re not changing a thing. Time will show how our commitment is rewarded!

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2 thoughts on “Scuderia Demaras in 550th Place

  1. I have mixed feelings about Ferrari. Back when it was the dominant team with Schumacher, I didn’t care much about the “Scuderia”. But now that Ferrari became some sort of underdog in F1, I became a real “Tifosi”.
    At least Ferrari did well in Sebring.

    1. When my kids were little, Schumacher was on that championship run.

      While watching the 2006 Turin Olympics, Daniel asked me why they played the Ferrari theme song during the podium. Literally thought the Italian national anthem was theme music.

      I loved Ferrari then, and especially when Kimi was with the Scuderia. But I cannot stand the Mercedes era and the Red Bull era. Sure…I’d like even competition like IndyCar But really, I just want the red cars to win in F1.

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