A new poll by Keep Toronto Moving, a grassroots organization looking at transportation solutions, finds 63% of Torontonians want the next mayor to re-evaluate bike lanes. Another 64% of Torontonians agree that dedicated bike lanes should be moved off major roadways to have less of an impact on congestion and local businesses.

Torontonians want action from the new mayor on transportation solutions that work for everyone. The status quo is not working. Torontonians want smart and fair solutions to congestion. Keep Toronto Moving is calling for mayoral candidates and council to agree to remove the dedicated bike lanes on major roads, including Bloor St, Danforth Ave, Eglinton Ave, Sheppard Ave, University Ave and Yonge St.

Bad bike lane policies bring congestion to residential streets and reduce emergency vehicle response times.

The KTM organization asks Torontonians to visit its http://www.keeptorontomoving.ca and sign a petition calling on a rethink of bike lanes, though the creation of a Chief Anti-Congestion Officer

“The current approach to bike lanes in Toronto is outrageous – it has just gone too far!”

Anthony Furey, Candidate

Politicians are listening to the voices of motorists. Mayoral candidate Anthony Furey recently announced if elected mayor, he would stop the creation of new bike lanes on major roads and remove the dedicated lanes on University Avenue to increase access to hospitals.

Furey explains that ambulances are reporting bike lanes have worsened response times, the Taste of the Danforth was shut down last year partly due to bike lanes, and small businesses are being affected. Oh…and traffic congestion has gotten worse.

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