Oh NASCAR. Every time we think that you’ve taken one step forward, you take two steps back. As drivers Gragson and Chastain went side-by-side through Turn 4 at Kansas Speedway this weekend, one car was forced into the wall, and duly retaliated.

But after the race, NASCAR made sure to have a security guard and no less than three cameras pointed at the fist fight to settle the on-track incident. Did we not learn any of the lessons ‘Talladega Nights‘ taught us?

4 thoughts on “Can’t We Resolve This Conflict Without Anger?

      1. That is appalling !!!!
        When we came to Canada we had the opportunity to watch a hockey game and we got hooked, we love the game but the fighting part is disgusting. What kind of message do they want to send to the kids? We can solve our problems with violence?
        And now NASCAR might adopt it…
        Well, I never liked NASCAR anyway.

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