The best thing about Demaras Racing’s website is that it’s allowed us to interact with cool people from around the world who’ve found our website. Since we mostly write about racing around Toronto, Canada, most website visitors are local. But it’s s cool to see Asian, European, and South American readers (talking about you, Brazilians!).

We recently stumbled across Beautiful Barbados Blog featuring the musings of a Barbadian. Who knew Barbados has a flourishing motorsports scene! Below is an article from their website which we enjoyed, and hope you do too!


I remember way back when I was in my early twenties being given a first lesson in the art of drag racing; fairly new, and sort of exclusive, as there was limited scope for it in the hills on the East Coast where the more popular dirt bike was ensconced. Added to that was the necessary outlay and greater cost if your car got damaged.

Fast-forward to May 8, 2022 and imagine my delight to read that Barbados is planning to let Motorsport do for it what surfing has.

The Soup Bowl in Bathsheba has become one of the best known places for surfing in the island due to regional exposure and international competitions, and the island’s association with the World Surfing League (WSL) enhanced it as a surfer’s paradise with many visitors and locals. The professional sportsmen dropping into the waters that surround our gem find themselves flipping waves with the best of Barbados’ surfers, a great percentage of whom are themselves WSL qualifiers.

Motorsport (or rallying) is to be placed now even higher on the world wide calendar for our island. The concept is of a “Motorsport Island“.

If you happen to be on the island right now or taking a Virgin Atlantic trip in the next couple of days, check out the Drag Racing (BADD) and Kart Race Meet (BKA) on the 15 May, while the King of the Hill is on the 29 May. Autocross was on the 7 May, but you will still get to see why Motorsport in Barbados is definitely headed to a higher level with the much deserved input from the “powers that be”.

Way back when, as in most things, this extreme sport was for leisure pleasure and a thrill. We then became a world-class Motorsports destination, e.g. Top Gear Festival, the Race of Champions and Red Bull Global Rallycross Competition, with a far better arena.

However, now more than ever, Motorsport also is for sustaining our viability as a vacation spot for tourists. I wonder though, is there a measurable carbon footprint to this giant step?

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