This summer, the 2023 K1 Speed e-World Championships were help in California, and Daniel Demaras qualified for the second consecutive time. This event would be Daniel’s last kart race, having retired from karting and moved up to F1200 and stock-car racing.

But the opportunity to go out on top, to have his final race be at a World Championship event, was something Demaras would not miss.

The K1 Speed Canada marketing team were there in California to document the days leading up to the big race, and produced this incredible documentary. The short film gives insights into the competitors. Some racers arrived in California completely expecting to win, while some (such as our old friend and fellow 2018 World Championship competitor, Antonio Arias of Puerto Rico) were there for the pure joy of competition.

It’s a glimpse into the world of competitive kart racing that takes place at tracks around the world every weekend, only on the big stage at the K1 Circuit for the World Championships.

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