Years after ‘Breaking Bad’ ended, Jesse Pinkman returned in his own, stand-alone movie called ‘El Camino’ without that dastardly Walter White fellow. The 2019 made-for-TV movie gave fans exactly what they wanted; the conclusion of Jesse’s story as he journeys from a boy to a man. And nothing makes you a man more than a cool car.

1981 Chevrolet El Camino

The movie begins where the TV series ended. Jesse has been held prisoner for a year, regains his freedom, kills his captor (the evil ginger, Todd) then steams his car!

Jesse speeds to the home of his friends, Skinny Pete and Badger. The trio quickly realize that the car has LoJack (stolen vehicle GPS) and that the cops are on the way. Skinny Pete cooks up a plan (no pun intended).

1972 Ford Thunderbird

Skinny Pete fabricates a story (to tell the FBI when they break down his door) that Jesse visited, smoked drugs with him then traded his El Camino against Skinny Pete’s baby-blue T-Bird. By having the El Camino remain at his house, Skinny Pete prevents the police from tracking Jesse

Badgers roll is to drive to the Ford Thunderbird to the Mexican border where he will abandon it. The cops will think that Jesse ran off to Mexico, misdirecting their search.

1986 Pontiac Fiero

Jesse is gifted Badger’s gold Fiero, a car that Skinny Pete describes as a “clown car”. He further insults the mid-engine Pontiac by saying that no self-respecting outlaw would ever be caught dead in that thing.

Skinny Pete’s plan allows Jesse to escape undetected, evade the police and misdirect their search…while scoring himself a cool El Camino. Oddly enough, the much-maligned Fiero becomes the ‘hero car’ for the rest of the movie.

1986 Toyota Tercel Wagon

The movie is big on flashback scenes. There’s one right off the bat between Jesse and his father figure, Mike Ehrmantraut. As the two men discuss their futures, Jesse’s red Tercel can be seen parked in the background, next to Mike’s 1988 Chrysler Fifth Avenue. This is the scene where Mike first plants the idea into Jesse’s head that if he wants to truly escape ‘the life’ he will need to start over in Alaska.

The moment that fans of the series have been waiting a decade for finally came true. The love of Jesse’s life, the long-deceased Jane, returns for a poignant flashback scene between the couple. While Jesse is driving to freedom, he looks at the seat next to him and it’s empty…then out of nowhere Jane appears. He remembers a much less complicated time in their lives, when they were young and in love. It’s truly a wonderful scene, as the couple talk about the universe, the future, and apparently in an alternate ending, Jesse even proposes marriage to the love of his life. Then the car breaks down.

1988 Toyota Land Cruiser

The final important vehicle that Jesse drives is of course another Toyota. The kind of vehicle that doesn’;t leave you stranded. The kind you can drive to Alaska; the one and only Land Cruiser.

The ‘Disappearer’ that Jesse hired has smuggled him to the Yukon in the back of a U-Haul van. When Jesse emerges (looking like a model in his cable-knit turtleneck) the ‘Disappearer’ has fabricated a new identity for Jesse; new name, new history, and a new car. Jesse is the only character in the series who’s storyline ends happily, escaping to The Last Frontier with a bag full of cash.

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