This weekend was the Allan Lankin Cup at Sunset Speedway. While Daniel Demaras did not race in the event, the SKLD certainly did. Here’s a race report from founding member of the team, Karlie Wilman.

Sunday was a day of many emotions. I was fortunate enough to run the No. 9 car on Sunday after we were unsure we would be able to put it back together after an accident on Saturday night, but thankfully my crew (also thank you to J.J. and his crew and Aidan, Max and his crew) went to work ripping the broken parts out of the No. 9 while others went to work pulling parts out of my dad’s car (that was in the trailer waiting to run Sunday) knowing we had time in the morning to run and grab those parts that we borrowed off my car so we could put my dads car back together.

When we got to the track Sunday morning it was so great to see so many cars in the pit area to support such a special person. I have to thank Andrew for getting straight to work on the car while the others unloaded the other two cars, as they had a very busy day ahead of them.

Our day started off with the Mini Stocks getting their practice and dad not to happy with his car so they quickly went to work on his car. I then went out for practice and was just so happy to be back out on the track after my what felt forever break due to having crappy luck (LOL). The guys then headed out for qualifying for the Allan Lankin Cup, which unfortunately our guys were not able to qualify through time trials. Both dad and Austyn both had to run the Last Chance Qualifier, which was a 10 lap shootout and Top 3 make it in. Dad started 2nd and WON! Austyn started 4th, and as he was passing for the last transfer spot, his motor decided it wanted to blow, taking Austyn out of the running.

After the LCQ, race cars were impounded to the infield where my crew was. Thank you to my sister Shiann (and Corbitt) for getting me in my car and onto the track on time. After Heat 1 I felt like something was wrong and finished the Heat with a very loose car. When I came in from the Heat not having my crew in the pits I went and apologized for a mistake I made. They asked if I noticed anything different…and I did, but wasn’t sure what the issue was.

The Feature was quite eventful but I somehow managed to avoid every single mishap out there and get a very hard earned Top 10. I hated to see so many wrecked cars. I want to congratulate Gary Slamma for winning the 35-Lap Main.

After the Bone Stock feature was over, we could focus on getting the last segment of the Mini Stock race done. I am so proud of my dad for still having the drive and determination to do well and not give up the last 23 laps of the race. Rocked it, even with a locked-up hand from a previous injury while dealing with an ill-handling car. For an old guy you did super well.

A big thank you to Spencer, Brendan and Sunset Speedway for giving us drivers an amazing opportunity to run such a special race. Allan would have definitely been proud.

~ by Karlie Wilman

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