Make no mistake! Big Brother is watching. Under the pretext of ‘safety’ governments are setting up surveillance cameras…and cameras to monitor those cameras!

In Mississauga, reoccurring vandalism to speed cameras has really picked up! So far this year, the city has 172 reports of vandalism to its automated cash boxes…er, enforcement camera units. That’s a 43% uptick compared to 2022, with only 161 reports of vandalism for the whole year.

Mississauga has 22 speed cameras, which vandals have graffitied onto, knocked over and painted the lenses to render them impotent. One was even smashed with a rock recently.

Ward 1 councilor Stephen Dasko said cameras have been regularly pushed over on their sides. Two people even flipped one camera over again on Friday night. Somebody has been spray-painting “TRY AGAIN” on the devices.

The vandalism often happens at night, which the alarmist Dasko characterizes as “…in the cloak of darkness…” to make it seems like some truly bad hombres are doing this. The truth is that many, many Canadian are fed up with this CASH-GRAB so they are taking matters into their own hands. This isn’t about safety; it’s about MONEY!

If the “authorities” were interested in slowing down traffic in school zones, there are a variety of cost-effective “traffic calming” measures that could be installed. Just look at the Danforth in East York. The road veers left and right, between concrete plant boxes on the road. Drivers are forced to slow down. Pylons, chicanes, speed bumps; the choices are endless if the goal is to slow down speeders.

When faced with the puzzle of what to do about wrecked cameras, one Mississauga city official came up with the genius idea of setting up surveillance cameras to monitor the speed cameras and installing signs to warn people about the surveillance. That is an Orwellian nightmare come true.

It is disturbing to this that city officials, who one assumer were once freedom-loving individuals, would rather set up a surveillance state akin to THX-1138 than give up the revenue the Automated Speed Cash Registers generate.

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