This ‘King of the Hill’ would be the third and final time that Demaras Racing would get to compete at the event during the 2023 season. It was also Chris Demaras’ chance at redemption, having been beaten by edged out by Daniel in the previous contest. Chris considered bringing his wife Alice’s Mini Cooper S to compete. After all; it has racing stripes.

No. It would be the No. 16 MagiSeal Miata or nothing!

The oval-racing season ends a couple weeks earlier than the Formula 1200 season, and with conflicts ahead on the schedule, this was likely that family’s last trip to this track.

Courtney and Ben knew how serious the father-son rivalry was, so they lined up Daniel and Chris as the first pair in the spectator drag race.

Chris knew that his chance at victory was right at the starting line. Get a jump on Daniel and pull a gap before that WRX’s turbo has time to spool up. Demaras Sr. even shed some weight off the car, removing the hardtop and added a Brack Racing Concept decal for an estimated 5HP+ boost.

The power of the Subaru just overwhelmed the Mazda. Daniel had to play catch up through the first corner, then took the lead on the back straight. It was another victory for young Demaras, who has always looked forward to defeating his father, since those earliest days at the kart track.

Yes, Chris was emotionally destroyed by the loss, knowing it would’t be until spring that he’s get a chance to re-run the race, He simply had to concede defeat, knowing at least he looked like a million bucks coming in second.

Daniel on the other hand was all smiles. He advanced to the second round where he was pitted against an Infiniti G35. Despite having less power, Daniel drove through the corners well, and picked up speed as the grey sedan wobbled. It was a second round victory for Daniel, moving him on to the final!

Sometimes, we just have to accept that without a serious error on the part of its driver, the Golf R that Daniel’s Subaru lined up against, would beat him. It’s just too fast. On a different level of performance car.

Daniel fought the good fight, tried hard against Wolfsburg’s wagon, but ultimately lost in two rounds.

It was still an accomplishment for Daniel, beating his dad, winning two rounds, making it to the final of the King of the Hill, all while his grandmother Tina, aunt Mary, grandfather Bill and father Chris watched and cheered him on.

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