Competition at Grand Prix Kartways picked up as the evening went along. First a young couple, then a family from out of town, and an overly aggressive teenage girl who’s on track crashes would have made Pastor Maldonado proud.

Hour after hour, the Demaras Auto Racing Team put in their laps…sometimes against each other, sometimes against stiff competition.

“I just want to put in as many laps as I can.” stated driver #12, Daniel Demaras, on his way to completing 224 laps over a 5 hour session. “I want to get my name up on that board as one of the best drivers at GPK.”

11 RPMDaniel currently sits in P11 on the all time leaderboard at GPK. Their RPM Points (also known as ProSkill points) rank the best divers of all time at GPK, rewarding those who put in their time at the track, winning race after race.

Demaras had a great night, accumulating over 200 points, as well as setting the fastest time of the day by more than half a second. Driver #16 Chris Demaras finished the day with the 3rd fastest lap.

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