Laird Auto Body: Sponsorship is Support

On the walls behind Phil Hatzinikolaou are endless photographs of local soccer teams and future hockey stars, who all got their start with the support of Laird Auto Body.

In the 41 years since Laird Auto Body was established at 123 Laird Dr, they’ve been a part of the Leaside community.

“It’s not about money. With kids, it’s about showing them that you believe in them. You’d be amazed how much difference you can make in a young person’s life by taking an interest and supporting them.”, said Hatzinikoloaou, a 20 year veteran of the auto body business. “We’ve supported soccer teams, one young lady who is trying to make the Canadian Olympic Hockey Team…but we’ve never had a race driver before!”

For Daniel Demaras, support and encouragement is just as important as dollars and cents. “It means a lot to me to have Phil and Laird Auto Body behind me. In a few years, I’ll be 16, and I could use a friend in the collision repair industry!” joked Demaras. “I believe the relationship between the Demaras Auto Racing Team and Laird Auto Body will last for years.”.


Laird Auto Body is located at 123 Laird Dr, south of Eglinton, in the heart of Leaside. They can be reached at 416-421-7121 or online at

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