The final stop of the Demaras Auto Racing Team’s summer European Tour was as RaceSyd in Frederecia, Denmark.

RaceSyd is a racer’s track…not kiddie-land. The facility is housed in a huge building that feels like an airplane hanger, with a high ceiling and no pillars to interfere with track layout. The establishment is managed by by Keld Sorensen.


There’s an electronic ‘lap time’ display board just above the start finish line, helping keep you informed of your lap times, as well as the times of those on track with you. With competition between Niels Lauritsen, Morten Lauritsen, Daniel Demaras and Chris Demaras expected to be very close, the lap times were really going to count.

RaceSyd Frederecia has a fleet of SODI RX7 karts with 6.5 hp Honda engines. There were all the expected safety features like seat belts, a roll bar, and even a throttle cut-off attached to the brake peddle…so forget about trail braking.

After a quick driver’s briefing (gas on the right, brakes on the left) the racers were ready for action.



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