February 5, 2023

Final Race of the European Tour

With practice finished, the qualifying order was set:

  1. Daniel: 22.856 sec
  2. Morten: 23.296 sec
  3. Chris: 23.296 sec (identical time)
  4. Niels: 23.491


With Daniel Demaras on pole position for his first ever standing-start race, the flag was waved and the race began. Chris tried to dive down the inside of turn 1, but Morten could see the amateur move coming, and protected the inside line, keeping 2nd place.

Daniel had a comfortable gap to 2nd place, but Chris tried the same move on Morten a second time, this time completing the pass, and set off in pursuit of the leader.As the race wore on, driver fatigue began to show, and Niels caught up with Morten, getting right along side in one of the final corners.


Daniel set consistently quick times, setting a best time of 22.341 sec on lap 11. This was the quickest time of the day (and 12th quickest lap of the month, at a track Daniel had never seen before) and was easily enough to keep his competition behind him.

Congratulations on a great win, Daniel!


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