September 29, 2022

Driver #12 : Goodwood CRKC Race 5

After missing Race 4 while in Europe, Daniel was eager to get back on track at Goodwood. The season had not been particularly kind to driver #12, and Daniel was hoping that the temperatures of over 30 degrees would play into his hands. The sun beat down on the drivers, and Daniel’s black suit didn’t do him any favours when it came to keeping cool.


Practice 1 saw telemetry issues hindering Demaras’ perspective on his performance, however a blisteringly fast run in kart #5 saw Daniel blitz the competition with a time of 38.2 seconds in practice 2. Practice 3 saw a change of kart, and a lap time an entire second slower for Daniel. The general mindset in the paddock was that kart #5 was far faster than the others, and every driver saying was “kart #5 is mine“.

Qualifying had possibly the most exciting race all season long, and that was the foot race to get into kart #5. Daniel qualified in a season low spot of 4th place, despite strong efforts.


Lap two of the race saw Daniel passed on the straightaway dropping him to 5th. A few laps later, Daniel was passed once more, this time putting him in 6th. Daniel made up incredible amounts of time, reeling in competitors through the corners, only to lose out in the straight sections.


On the final lap, the drivers in 4th and 5th battled closely, and through the bends Daniel rapidly gained on the pair. In the final corner, the two drivers ahead of Daniel battled closely, leaving a gap for #12, and as he went down the inside, Daniel was side-swiped, denying him an overtaking opportunity. Fortunately, the race marshal saw the block, and gave a penalty to the offending driver, elevating Daniel to a 5th place finish.


Daniel had this to say. “Maybe it was the fact that I knew this wouldn’t end up counting, as they drop your two worst finishes off of your points tally at the end of the season, and maybe it was the fact that I could really keep close behind other drivers through the corners, but today was a lot of fun, I would love to have more races like this, close battles, but perhaps with me standing on the top step of the podium at the end of the day.”.


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