Chris Demaras has had an “on and off” season in 2016. From being “on” the podium in some races, to being “off” track in others. For driver #16, Race 5 was very much uneventful.

Demaras qualified 6th for his race in kart 68, but issues between qualifying and the race meant Chris would take kart 61 onto the track.


The race start had drama, but not involving Chris. Incidents further up the road damaged a kart, causing the driver to retire. The incident was fortunate for #16, as it handed him 5th place.


Chris tailed fourth place Guy McClintock for the remainder of the race, getting closer at some points, but ultimately never close enough to make a pass. Driver #16 crossed the line in 5th place, the same position as his teammate Daniel.


This race showed Chris’ competence as a driver, staying out of trouble, avoiding crashes and staying in contention until the end. The Demaras Auto Racing Team has two competitive drivers, and results this year have been better than ever. With half a season under D.A.R.T’s belt, the pressure is on to continue form.

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