A quiet Tuesday night in Toronto was the perfect opportunity to get in some seat time at Grand Prix Kartways. Daniel Demaras, Chris Demaras and Robert “Foote-speed” Foote all took to the track. Daniel returned to his winning ways, with 7 consecutive heat race wins.

7 straight

Week in and week out, these 3 battle in separate classes in the Goodwood CRKC Championship, but on this night, they would battle each other.

‘Foote-speed’ is no slouch. He is ranked 16th of GPK’s all time best drivers. Even more telling, the track marshal announced Robert’s arrival at the track, by broadcasting over the PA system “Ladies and gentlemen, we are in the presence of racing royalty. Foote-speed has arrived at the track!“.

However, the night belonged to Daniel, as his points haul elevated him to 5th in the all time standings at GPK.


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