Sunday, April 17th was a red letter day for Demaras Auto Racing Team. The intrepid kart would be fired up, and for the first time, drive in anger on track. A 5:00 am wakeup call, followed by an hour drive to Mosport, and the Demaras Auto Racing Team was ready.

After an engine break in, Intrepid Team Canada mechanic Big Brian lent a hand to fill up the crankcase with MOTUL fully synthetic oil, and Daniel was sent on the track.

Daniel isn’t the only rookie this year. Chris Demaras has been moved from the racetrack to the pits, and is now the chief mechanic of the team. As these photos show, he’ll need all the help he can get!


Weather forecasts of rain were proven wrong, and it gave the team an opportunity to learn the ropes. Clearly some new tools (and new tires) are needed for the next trip to the track, but overall …a good first day.



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