An incredibly busy weekend of racing for the Demaras team, as both driver’s participated in the CRKC event, while #12 did double duty at the MIKA event the following day.

The VENOM paddock was already set up when Chris and Daniel arrived at Mosport. The Treadwell family worked on fixing Daniel’s kart, “THE DART” which allowed time for racing. Unfortunately, the skies were dark, and rain poured down during first practice. Even the best rain suit was no match for mother nature!

Driving with slicks in the rain is never easy, but the amount of spray from other arts made visibility near zero. But the Demaras team soldiered on, with Daniel qualifying 3rd and Chris 5th in their respective races.

With no passing (and only drivers spinning behind them) Daniel and Chris finished their races where they qualified, with Daniel taking home a bronze for his first podium of the season at his first CRKC race.


Once the CRKC event wrapped up, the skies cleared and Daniel took his DART out on track to practice for MIKA race 3, set for Sunday. Working with the Venom team allowed fine tuning of the kart, but also kept Demaras at the track until 7:00 pm.

Rather than heading back to Toronto, the team checked into the Model ‘A’ Acres near Mosport. A number of restored war planed and early 20th century cars were on display throughout the property.

Sunday brought clear skies and dry weather. The Demaras Auto Racing Team arrived at the track early, and got to work tuning Daniel’s kart. As the track warmed up and rubbered in, times got quicker, and several gear changes were performed by rookie mechanic Chris Demaras, without major mechanical malfunction.


Qualifying a lowly 19th, Daniel made good passes during the pre-final, netting himself an 11th place finish. Lining up alongside teammate Zaid in 12th and behind more the more experienced Fletcher in 6th, Daniel was calm ahead of the final race.

While Daniel did not finish on the podium on Sunday, his racecraft was strong, and wheel to wheel action showed Daniel’s bravery behind the wheel. Most importantly, this weekend was the first opportunity for guidance from the experienced Treadwell family and Venom Racing Solutions, which will undoubtedly lead to improved results this season.

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