One of the perks of spending 3 days at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park is being able to enjoy watching race cars when you’re not racing. Saturday was a special day at Mosport (CTMP) as it was the 50th anniversary of the first Canadian Grand Prix, help at the same location, in 1967.

Vintage open wheelers and sports cars from the 60s, 70s and 80s took to the track. Seeing old race cars in a museum is sad; like animals in a zoo. but seeing them on track…it’s their natural habitat.

Sadly, the British cars natural habitat was on the side of the track, sidelined with mechanical failure.


But the stars of the day were the Formula 1 cars. From Gilles Villeneuve’s Ferrari, to Jackie Stewart’s Tyrell, there were superstar cars on track.

Even hardened old racers like Ron Fellows (who currently own Mosport) looked like a kid on Christmas morning when he got a chance to sit in a classic F1 car.

IMG_20170617_143637 Z.jpg

May famous cars that raced at the Canadian Grand Prix in years gone by were in attendance, even if their drivers weren’t.

The F1 machines on track were amazing. In many cases, these cars raced in different years, and have never been on track at the same time.

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