Chris and Daniel Demaras are the new boys under the VRS tent. James, Jon, Kevin, Butch, the Fletchers, the Glovers…they’ve all been around for years. The teammates exchange ideas, help each with set up, and lend a helping hand

When something goes wrong it’s all hands on deck. For example, when one of the Glover brothers’ kart was destroyed on Saturday, everyone pitched in to build a new kart, from scratch.

These kinds of experiences help build a team.

The boys are getting to be friends, especially 13 year olds Keidon and Daniel. They compare notes about the condition of the track, their air pressures, and whose dad has a worse temper.


Former Prime Powerteam driver Zach has also been helped Daniel by sharing his experience at duct taping. Zach brought out his special ‘One Direction’ brand tape to repair Daniel’s nosecone which cracked during bump-drafting on track.


Racing is serious business, and it’s not easy. But thanks to an introduction from Daniel Dileo, the Demaras boys are starting to fit in at VRS.

Big Daniel and Young Daniel
Big Daniel (DiLeo) keeps a watchful eye on Young Daniel (Demaras) at Mosport Kartways.

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