As the big regional events of the season (like ECKC and CRFKC) have come and gone, Mosport returned to normal. Round 9 was the first ‘normal’ club race in weeks, with the regular cast of characters. Gone are the 18 wheelers and out of province teams.


After some serious work on the kart, changing ratios and bleeding brakes, the #12 is better than it’s been in weeks. Daniel is aggressive and competitive on the track…but some carbon fiber parts would help the kart cross the scales a little closer to the minimum weight for the class.


A rare dry weekend was a welcome change. On paper, Daniel’s races seemed boring.

  • Pre-final; started 16th, ended 16th.
  • Final: started 16th, ended 16th

But of course, there were plenty of battles on track. Some of the quickest karts were DQed for failing tech inspection after the pre-final (some people just want to push the boundaries). In the final, those same racers passed Daniel, as #12 also pushed hard to make up the places he’d lost. In the end…back where he started.

Several other VRS team members struggled, as the #67 and #68 were both taken out in collisions. But Briggs Senior racers Jon and Tyler fought to a 1-2 finish to end off the day on top.


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