Due to a scheduling conflict at the next race, Round 7 is the last regular-season race for the Demaras Auto Racing Team in this year’s CRKC. Daniel and Chris will compete in the semi-finals and finals in September and October, but this was the last chance to accumulate points before the ‘playoffs’ begin.


Driver #12 has been closing the gap to CRKC points leader Nathanial Franco in recent weeks. Daniel arrived at Saturday’s event on a two win streak, hoping to keep the momentum going. While setting quick times through practice, Daniel did have issues in qualifying. Being on track behind karts that were several seconds slower than the leader prevented Daniel from getting in a clean lap. No pole position this wee; Demaras would start third.


For several laps, Daniel fought hard to take second place. Unfortunately, Franco used his time to put a big gap between himself and Daniel, which could not be made up by young For driver #16Demaras. Ultimately, driver #12 finished on the podium in 2nd.

For Driver #16 Chris Demaras, last week’s black flag put  black mark next to his name. Racers and track officials ran for cover whenever Demaras approached.


Unfortunately, Demaras could not come to grips with the reverse track configuration. Some early highlights in practice were erased by a 5th place finish in the race, well off the pace.



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