MIKA race 10 was the last race before Nationals. All the members of team VRS were present, hard at work tuning their karts

As team mechanics got grease under their fingernails, the drivers found ways yo entertain themselves. Tyler got top position against Zack in their wrestling match, until a well times knee to the head ended the match. Future VRS driver Ben tried out for a shampoo commercial, while Daniel and the crew watch track activities.

When driver #12 took to the track, all fun and games were put aside, and the serious business of racing began.


With warm temperatures and plenty of rubber down on the track, Daniel made steady improvement through the sessions.

But a damaged nosecone required repeated repairs throughout the day. The creativity of the VRS team were on full display.

Tooth Grill V.1 courtesy of Zach Vanier
Tooth Grill V.2 by Chris Demaras

After qualifying near the back of the field, Daniel was susceptible to first lap incidents. As the field streamed through turns one and two, disaster struck on turn three. A collision collected several karts, and sent Daniel crashing sideways into team mate Keidon Fletcher. Daniel continued on with his kart damaged, his right sidepod smashed against his engine.

With Daniel’s kart damaged, and his alignment messed up, straight line speed was greatly diminished. But as Daniel began a multi-lap battle with fellow Racer Michael Nalli, both young drivers showed their racecraft. Each driver showed their strength, passing the other multiple times per lap until the checkered flag finally decided the outcome.

Once the race was over, Daniel checked the damage to his kart. Sidepod destroyed, damage to the engine, bent steering column…but the custom shark-tooth nosecone held up!


With the drivers in one piece, and the karts in pieces, Daniel and Michael congratulated each other on a clean and exciting race. Final position, 22nd.


Daniel stuck around the track to watch Briggs Senior aces Jon and Tyler compete. This preview of the Nationals saw VSR start first and second, with Jon taking the win.


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