December 5, 2022

Yamaha ATV

Two years after their first ride on an ATV, the Demaras Auto Racing Tem returned to the off road track.


July 2015

This time, Daniel is riding a 450 cc Yamaha Grizzly. No more ‘junior rider’ here!

August 2017


Spending each weekend at the kart track has made #12 and #16 specialized in on road driving. But everything is reversed in an ATV. Leaning into the corners, rather than leaning out, like on a kart, takes getting used to. Full suspension, huge ride height, open differential…it couldn’t be more different.

Driver #16, Chris Demaras, put on a brave face during the steep rocky descents, and deep river crossings. But once the team returned to base camp, his true emotions showed through.



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