I was recently asked why I compete in the Canadian National Karting Championships and the question made me aware of the significance karting has been in my life.

Karting has been a major part of my life, defining who I am as a person. Involving myself in the National Championship is an opportunity to utilize the dedication my family, my teammates and I have submitted to our passion. A chance to entertain the many spectators that have attended and supported our sport over the years. All the drivers have worked so hard to refine their talents and compete at this level as it has become nothing short of a privilege to compete with them.

A major part of my life since 2003, karting is a way of life. The excitement of a close race, the honour of competition on a National level and the close friends I have acquired have all contributed to who I am today. I feel a sense of accomplishment, not only from finishing well or winning but also from sharing the experience with my fellow competitors.

In 2015 I won the Canadian National Championship. A challenge sweetened by the presence of my Grandfather and my long time love’s parents spectating for the first time. Grandpa was recently diagnosed with ALS and the news affected my friends and family greatly. The karting community was incredibly supportive of me during this time and I will never forget it that winning moment.

Seeing the celebration on the sidelines as I lapped the track with the checkered flag, brought back so many memories of the years at the track with my family, working so hard as a team for victory, and that win was a complete team effort, lead by my father. As much as I didn’t want that victory lap to end, I couldn’t wait to get to back to the pit to celebrate.

People have asked if I’ve ever considered competing in other forms of racing. Though I have tried, karting is to me like coming home to a warm bed after a long cold day at work in the winter. Karting has provided so many defining moments to myself, my family and friends that I will do my best to give back to the karting community everything I can. I enjoy promoting and helping children and young adults progress in the sport hoping one day to give them all a taste of what I have so fortunately been a part of.

On July 13 of this year, my daughter Khaleesi graced my life with her birth making this up coming National event memorable and yet again a special one. On the third day of her life, she was already attending one of my races and I hope to provide the same support for her when she decides to race as my father has done.

Looking back on it all, whether it was winning BSRKC Bears at Shannonville, club championships at Sutton, street races in Windsor or my first race ever in Hamilton, it all wouldn’t matter if I wasn’t enjoying this ride with the family. I wouldn’t change a thing. Family is why I race.

Thank you to everyone that has been there to support karting and hope to see you all on race day.

Jon Treadwell
Briggs & Stratton Senior #766

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