Over the years,  a racer visits many tracks. Some are impressive (like the multi-level racing at Action House in Denmark) some are disappointing (like 401 Mini Indy that won’t let anyone under 16 on track…unless it’s in the babykarts).

But for every racer there is a home track. It might not be the first place you ever raced at. It might be the place you have the most fun. Or the place where people treat you the best. For Daniel & Chris Demaras, that track was always Grand Prix Kartways.

Good Guy Dave was a great manager; tough looking, but always the most caring individual at the track. Kevin always watched out for the kids, making sure everything was safe and fun, and always ha d a fresh pot of coffee brewing when you walked in..

GPK was always special because of the time spent with friends. It was the place to meet with the Ferrari family. Its where Robert “FOOTESPEED” Foote was discovered. It’s where the Demaras’ spent birthdays, summer camps, weekends, school nights, long weekends…basically any excuse to go to the track.

GPK was a place where a family could spend time together. Were a father and son could race against each other, and test their skills against all the other racers. Daniel displayed his skill over thousands of laps, and hundreds of race wins. Driver #12 will forever be the top driver at GPK with his insurmountable 3577 ProSkill points. Daniel was the best at GPK.


But Grand Prix Kartways is now closed, soon to be replaced by a new and improved US franchise called K1-Speed.


The new track may be better than the old track, but it just won’t be the same. GPK was a special place where everyone knew your name, were glad to see you again, and made every trip a pleasure.

Goodbye, GPK. We’ll miss you.

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