A 500 km kart race. Multiple drivers (including F1 veterans Felipe Massa and Rubens Barrichello) and multiple teams on track. Strategy is just as important as speed.

Massa was leading the race with 18 laps to go. Behind him on track (although a lap down) was Massa’s teammate Rodrigo Dantas. As the second place driver, Brazillilan stock-car racer Tuka Rocha, gained on the pair, Dantas fiercely blocked to defend team captain Massa’s lead; dirty, but legal.

When the pair ended up in the tire wall, they climbed out of their karts an started throwing fists. Dantas, clearly a Brazilian jiu-jitsu expert, pulled his rival to the ground and began raining down punches…while the race was still running.


As blood boiled, the fight continued with Dantas wrapping both hands around Rocha’s throat and began choking him.

Stock car drivers punching each other on track is not a uniquely American phenomenon.

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