December 3, 2022

Fun at the Track

With K1 Speed now open, there’s just no better way to spend a Saturday than lapping, just for fun.


The new track shares similarities with the old Grand Prix Kartways layout, like the front straight along the spectator area. But on the old track, every corner was taken ‘flat out’ with no lifting or braking. But on the new course…you have to really drive it.

Regulars at GPK, like Daniel and Chris Demaras, have the challenge of forgetting everything they knew about the old track, and starting fresh. Learning the braking points and the quickest way around the hairpin turns.

But with no championship on the line, and another race coming up in only 10 minutes,  Daniel could just enjoy the day competing against other young racers from Goodwood and Mosport, doing  little spring training before the outdoor karting season begin.







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