Hot Stuff: TRAK Race 6

CRFKC races are hard. Too many drivers. This time, just too hot.

The event started with the team going on a track walk.


Christopher prepared the kart, and the early on-track sessions began.


On track and off, drivers did what they could to stay cool.


Daniel even had a chance to catch up with old friends Drew, Aidan and Keidon from VRS. Daniel suggested that Keidon switch to a less noticeable helmet colour, so his mistakes on track wouldn’t be as visible.

With the field so stacked, problems were bound to happen. The heat was affecting driver judgment.


Multiple red flags, many drivers taken off the track in ambulances. Looking back, the heat was getting to people.

As the final race of the day arrived, the crowd was pumped, as karts took to the track for the last time.




After being crashed into by another driver, Daniel’s day was done. Axle bent.

When the races were over, there was a sense of relief. After fixing the karts, and a few cold beverages, the team got together to celebrate Darryl’s birthday.


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