Data Acquisition

It’s always a good learning experience to come down to the track for practice. There’s nothing better than seat time.


On Saturday, I had the chance to work with the highly-skilled Curtis Fox at the track.

My father and I came down to the track early so we could set up our base at the track and also get some warm-up laps in.

When Curtis showed up at the track he watched my line around the short track, and would sometimes stop me on track to give me tips and advice. Off track, I learned how to look at data from the MyChron using RaceStudio, and how to properly analyze my lap times.

Using Curtis’ technique of throwing the kart into a corner to the point of oversteer, I went back on track and tried it out.

I reduced my laptimes by a second over the course of the day, and am feeling super prepared for this weekend’s club race at Goodwood.


Thanks to Curtis for taking time to provide me with driver training this weekend.

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