The go-kart centre over by Polson Pier is a fan favourite of many Torontonians when it comes to fun activities in the city. Who can blame them, what’s better than speeding around a track in a go-kart and channelling your inner kid?! While we’ve never heard anything negative about the spot, it seems one person had some choice words about not just the go-karts, but also the owner.

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The review, that was visible on the Polson Pier Go-Kart’s Google card, was posted on Toronto’s Reddit page. It shows a screenshot of the brutal review, written by an unhappy customer airing out his frustration after visiting the spot with friends:


While negative reviews can be frustrating for owners, 9 times out of 10, most owners will ignore the negativity. Though in this case, the owner was not having it with this guy’s scathing review of the go-karting arena. The owner clapped back with a savage response.


Yikes! It’s safe to say “Mickey” probably won’t be heading back to go go-karting at Polson Pier anytime soon. Reddit users were quick to chime in, commending the owner considering his reply exposed the reviewer for being bitter and biased. His bad experience at the Polson Pier didn’t have anything to do with the go-kart facility, but with his inability to follow the rules.


The man still left 2 stars, even though he was clearly pissed about his experience:


(Canadian as f**k, indeed!)

Regardless, if there’s one thing we’ve learned from this hilarious situation, it’s that you don’t go messing with go-kart facility owners if you’re in the wrong. It’s also important to remember that whenever you’re writing a review in the future, good or bad, the owner always has the option to answer back!

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