130R Round Two

On November 12th, the 130r Racing Series returned to K1 Speed for Round 2 of the Championship.


The format for the day was one race based on best time, and one race for position, with the starting order being the inverse of race one’s finishing order, meaning Daniel would start last, and Chris only two places ahead.

Daniel had the quickest time in the timed race, and Chris was second, giving both bonus points.


For the final, Daniel had lots of work to do in the 16 laps he had to race. With hard work and some clever overtaking, Daniel managed to pull off a pass for the lead on the second last lap, and managed to come home with a win.

Friend of the family Nico started on pole in his race, made some ultra aggressive moves in the race, managing second place in the second race.

Though there was no official podium, so Mayank from K1 held a spontaneous podium ceremony for the Group 1 winner Daniel, and Group 2 runner-up Nico.

Despite a smaller group of racers, Daniel faced a tough challenge, driving from the back of the grid to take the win.


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