The future of racing. Every few years, a new designer, a new dreamer, conjures up a vision of what the next next generation IndyCar or F1 machinery will look like. As fans, we get all excited at the modern lines, unrestricted by FIA regulations. A new take on the open wheel car, before it has to face the reality or Turn 3 at Indianapolis.

McLaren has released a glimpse into what it believes Grand Prix racing may look like in 30 years, complete with Speed Racer inspired tracks.

The race fan in us wants to get excited…but this CGI version of 1990s video game just doesn’t seem realistic. Or original. Maybe we’ve just seen it all too many times before to get excited again.

The car companies have been teasing us with the car of the future since the invention of the car. Flying cars, jet cars…future race cars. Back in 2010, the Delta Wing was introduced as a potential game-changer for IndyCar. In only two years, they said, these sleek road-jets would be running at the Brickyard. But it didn’t happen.

Sure, the DeltaWing didn’t become the Car of Tomorrow. It never raced at Indianapolis. But it raced at Mosport and Circuit de la Sarthe as part of the Le Mans series. It made non-believers hope, and it made little kids dream of what the future might look like.

It’s unlikely that McLaren’s concept will actually resemble F1 in 2050. But in an age of self-driving, auto-pilot, park-assist appliances…at least someone is dreaming of racing cars in the future.

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