Racing at K1 Speed is always interesting because each racer faces their own challenge. For some, like Chris Demaras, each trip to the track is a challenge to break into the 23’s. For others, like Daniel Demaras, the challenge is to get faster. Daniel set a new personal best time of 23.475 seconds, which he achieved by applying trail braking techniques to lower his lap times.

But Daniel’s goal is also to win the 31-Day Points Challenge!

A three way race between Michael, Jason and Daniel.

Then there’s Ross; veteran on the Goodwood CRKC series, competitor in the Briggs & Stratton Masters division, and teammate of Daniel’s at Professional Racing Ontario. Ross’ challenge was to get accustomed to the electric karts, which he did by setting a 23.671, the 9th best time of the week. Incredible times for a guy who never walked into K1 Speed before.

Then there’s Robert. He’s competed in the Goodwood CRKC series for the past two years, has been to K1 Speed many times (although not in 2019) and has been friends with Daniel and Chris since back in the day at GPK. When ‘Foote-Speed’ would enter the building, staff would announce over the P.A. system “Ladies and gentlemen, racing royalty has arrived.”.

Robert’s challenge was to get his name on the board. Shake the rust off. He got one run in on Thursday, the final race of the night. Foote-Speed set a blistering 23.212 second lap, setting fastest lap of the day, week and year. Handshakes from competitors (Jason, always the gentleman) and a round of applause greeted Robert as he stepped out of the kart.

Set a personal best lap time. Win the contest. Adapt to a new kart and track. Get your name on the board. Break the track record. What’s your challenge?

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  1. Always a pleasure being in your presence and having fun on the track. Definitely looking forward to doing it again and reading more of these great blogs.

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