It snowed in Toronto. Commuters woke up, cleared the snow off their cars, and drove to work. But does anyone clean the snow off the roof of their car? I drive a lifted truck, and I can’t even reach the roof without a ladder.

This poor lady (below) was driving down the highway, and the snow had melted just enough to detach from the roof and slide forward onto her windshield. Damn!

By 8:00 am, the video was all over CityTV news. By 10:00 am Jalopnik did an article called “This Person Driving While Half-Assedly Cleaning Snow Off Their Windshield Is Just the Worst Kind of Idiot”

Clearly, they didn’t know the full story. This lady wasn’t clearing snow off her moving car because she’s stupid. She was just dealing with an unexpected visibility crisis behind the wheel of the car. I’ve been there, lady. I feel your pain!

Years ago, I’m driving down the 401 at 100+ km/h. Sunny day, dry. I had a cup of coffee in my right hand (lid on it) just cruising along. You know how it goes…one guy cuts off another guy, truck in front of me slams on the brakes, I slow down abruptly. A basketball from my hatchback flies over the rear seat, hits me in the elbow, and a full cup of double-double splashes across the inside of my windshield.

Visibility zero! I turn my wipers on full blast. Nothing. WHY ISN”T THIS WORKING!

I rolled down my window and stuck my head out just to see where I was going. I stopped short of the truck, regained my senses, and wiped the coffee away. It was all over my shirt, the dashboard and the windshield…but at least I could see where I was going again.

Chris ‘#16’ Demaras

Clear the snow. Don’t drink and drive. Not even coffee.

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