August 18, 2022

Worst of the Best

I guess you could say I got rusty. It’s only been a few weeks away from the track, but I couldn’t even remember my turn in points. And somebody must have moved the wall, because I touched the barrier on the exit of corner 4 several times. The wall is definitely closer now.

Wednesday, March 27th was the 2nd round in the K1 Challenge GP. Missed round 1 last week while travelling to California for Daniel to compete in the E-World Championship. Now there’s no pressure. Can’t skip 20% of the races and win a series. So now we can just race and have fun.

Daniel was up to speed pretty quickly, setting a 23.651 second lap. I could see Aleki was also quick, but I was mired down in mid 24 second laps. Someone must have turned up the wick on my kart, because in the second qualifying session, I managed a respectable 23.982, fastest in my group.

But once qualifying was over, the organizers broke up the drivers into three groups, with the fastest 8 drivers in the “PRO” category. I would end up racing against Daniel, Steven, Aleki and other fast movers.

I qualified a lowly 6th, got a good start, and almost made the pass on Steven. But then the wheels came off. I could see Aleki chasing down Daniel for a podium position, but those two were pulling away from me every corner. Was my kart slow? I felt a bump. I was getting passed! For last!

When the race was over, I crawled back to the table, ashamed to look at the other guys. Nice guy Nicholas tried to cheer me up by saying at lest I didn’t get lapped. Lapped! I am usually on the podium! I tried the old BS excuses every racer uses. My kart was bad. The battery was dying. It wasn’t the man, it was the machine. But young Daniel who set a 23.592 on way to a 2nd place finish just summed it up by saying that at least I was in the PRO category. Who cares if you win a race against slower guys. It was OK to be defeated by faster racers who were out of my league. He called me the worst of the best. I think there’s a compliment in there somewhere.

Chris #16 Demaras

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